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Things That a Luxury Villa Should Have in it!

Who does not love luxury? After all, all the great wars including Mahabharata have been fought to seek luxury. And although we all might dream about gold and glitters upon hearing luxury, it is not so. Luxury is a very psychological concept, and its definition gets shaped era after era. What is now luxury could be quaint but troublesome later on. What is luxury for one could be a put-off for another. Buying a luxury property is not an easy task. It requires keen eyes and sharp wisdom. There are many great luxury property consultants in India like that can help you hunt for the luxury you want. Contact Radvi in case you are looking for an expert.

So, what are things that you should look for in a modern luxury house?

1. Home Automation!

We do not believe in keeping the best for the last. When we talk about modern luxury, we talk about automation. Luxury seems faded without a touch of technology. Who would not want to control their homes from another city? Or who would not want to see lights turning on upon stepping inside? Home Automation is considered like the heart of modern technology. Here are a few examples of what Home Automation could do –

  • Wireless CCTV controlling
  • Wireless security control
  • Automatic lighting and electric appliances
  • Water temperature regulation
  • Home temperature regulation and control
  • Automatic door opening and closing
  • Wireless water irrigation system

When getting home automation done, make sure you choose an expert. Not everyone can serve you grace when it comes to home automation. Contact Radvi to get more information about home automation.

2. Swimming Pools!

If luxury is a person, a swimming pool is the smile of that person. Without it luxury is as dead as a rat. When buying a luxury home, make sure you look for a swimming pool to cherish those summer eves and morns and noons and whatnot.

However, make sure that you check the quality and safety standards of the pool. It will save you from any imminent troubles.

3. Mini theatre

Who would want to go to a theatre when one can have it at home’s comfort? Watching your favourite show with that homely feeling is a luxury of its own. Technology has brought down the cost of a mini home theatre.  All you need is a good sound system, lighting, and a quality screen. Interior design is the work of the divine and it must be revered. Check out to get an idea of how luxury and interior design works together.

4. A grand celestial spa

No, really! Imagine coming home after a stressful day and entering a place where lights are gentle, temperature soothing, and water drizzling from all around soaking you evenly from head to toe. Who would not want this? Investing in a good bathroom is considered to be vital to having luxury. Here are a few things that can infuse your bathroom with comforting luxury and raise you to a state of bliss –

  • Radiant heating floors
  • Shower jets
  • Towel warmers
  • Grand bathtub
  • Sauna bath space
  • Good adaptive lighting
  • Temperature regulation

5. A workout room

Never had humankind been as sedentary as it is now. We move so less and yet are so stressed. In such a case, a personal gym is the best investment you could make. Most of us deny exercise in the stress that we have to go out again. Well, having a gym at home not only provides you some physical movement but also washes your nervous system with happy hormones. It has been proven that regular exercise helps in warding off stress and releases Endorphins, the so-called feel-good hormones.

Although there is no limit to what could be considered as luxury, these are the few areas without which luxury no more remains luxury. Furthermore, invest in quality rather than quantity. Contact Radvi in case you are looking for a luxury property consultant. They have been in the business for over 30 years and know the very nerves of luxury.