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How is Christmas Celebrated in Spain?

Christmas is a time of celebrating with family and friends and joy for people worldwide; Spain is no exception. Christmas traditions in Spain blend indigenous Spanish customs with those from other countries, particularly Latin America, creating a unique and festive celebration. Families come together in large numbers to celebrate this special day, bring out their best Christmas tablecloths, and make Christmas appetizers enough to feed an army. In Spain, you will discover that people have a love for food and family/


Due to the legend that a rooster crowed on the night Jesus was born, many people attend a midnight mass late on Christmas Eve called La Misa Del Gallo, also known as The Mass of the Rooster. One of Spain’s most prominent Christmas traditions is the celebration of the popular Nativity or the birth of Jesus Christ. In Spanish homes, it is common to set up a nativity scene, known as a “Belén,” which depicts the birth of Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem. The Belén often includes figurines of Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, the three wise men, and other characters from the Christmas story. Another popular tradition in Spain is singing Christmas carols, or “villancicos.” These carols are typically accompanied by a guitar or other traditional instruments and sung by people who go door-to-door singing and spreading holiday cheer.  Shop reviews help you to find inspiring ideas to find the nativity scene right for you.

Christmas sweets

One of the most delicious traditions of Christmas in Spain is baking traditional Christmas sweets and treats. Some popular Christmas sweets in Spain include turrón, a nougat-like treat made with almonds and honey, and polvorones, a shortbread cookie. Traditional holiday foods include roast pork and seafood dishes like prawns and lobster.

On Christmas Eve, it is traditional for Spanish families to gather together for a big feast, known as the “cena de Navidad,” or Christmas dinner. This meal often includes a variety of dishes, including roast meat, seafood, and traditional sweets. After dinner, many families attend midnight Mass, or “Misa del Gallo,” held in churches across the country.

Three kings day

In addition to these traditional Christmas celebrations, Spain has several secular holiday traditions. For example, it is common for Spanish cities and towns to hold large Christmas markets, where people can shop for gifts, decorations, and festive treats. The holiday season is also a popular time for gift-giving. It is not uncommon for Spanish families to celebrate and exchange gifts on Christmas Day or “Three Kings Day,” on January 6th, and usher in the arrival of the three wise men in Bethlehem.


Christmas in Spain is a blend of religious and secular traditions, making it a truly unique holiday experience. From singing carols and setting up the Belén to festive feasts and gift-giving, Christmas in Spain is a time to come together with loved ones and celebrate the holiday season. In addition, many families have their traditional Christmas meal on Christmas Eve, known as Nochebuena, before Midnight Mass.