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Effect Of Increased Radon Levels on Health

Radon has no significant health effects or symptoms when they are present at normal levels. However, when radon exposure is increased, it heightens the chances of lung cancer.

The development of lung cancer takes a lot of years. People who regularly smoke are at a greater risk for lung cancer if exposed to high radon levels. Visit for valuable information.

Effect on Children

Children faced with radon exposure are estimated to have increased radiation dosage compared to adults. This is due to the disparity in lung shapes and sizes and the respiration rate in children and adults. Children are at greater risk of facing health issues due to elevated radon exposure.

Lung Issues 

Dust particles are attracted to radon due to its charge and solid nature. People tend to inhale the progeny of radon as free particles. They also get attached to airborne particles, and these fractions are more carcinogenic. Dust particles that are extremely small in size are dangerous as they can easily get deep inside the lungs and cause several chronic diseases like Emphysema, Chronic interstitial pneumonia, and Pulmonary fibrosis. These diseases are caused due to accumulation of exposure to radiation and consistent cigarette consumption.


The chances of getting lung cancer due to radon exposure are largely dependent on the amount of radon present in your home and the amount of time spent there by you. Along with that, it is also influenced by factors like smoking. If you have a history of smoking or smoking regularly, your chances of suffering from lung cancer may differ from non-smokers.

How to protect yourself from Radon?

If you are worried about the complications of radon exposure and smoking, make sure to get your house properly checked by a radon testing professional. They will take the air samples from your house and provide a detailed analysis of the radon levels in your house. If the level is high enough to be deemed dangerous, you will be required to take preventive measures, including sealing the cracks in your house and any holes in it. Focus on improving the ventilation inside your house as it helps in reducing radon exposure. Use fans and vents for proper circulation as it facilitates airflow throughout the house.

Along with that, if you are a chain smoker, try to get rid of your habit. Encourage other people in the house, as well as guests, to avoid smoking inside the house.