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Christmas Decorating Ideas Inspired by Scandinavia (Sweden Christmas Decor)

Christmas in Sweden is a time for family, friends, and of course, decorations! This year, why not go beyond the traditional Christmas decorations and add a bit of Scandinavian flair to your home? With its cosy and minimalist style, Scandinavian Christmas decorations are a great way to bring a bit of Sweden charm to your holiday celebrations.

From rustic wooden decor to simple paper stars, these decorations will help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. Whether you want to add a touch of white and silver to your home or embrace the traditional red and green of Christmas, make sure to check out the Swedish reviews for the products available in the online stores so that the Scandinavian decorations get amazing this year and make your holiday season even more special.

Decorating in White and Silver

Standard Sweden holiday shades are white bases interspersed with silver glints and fierce pops of red to create a tidied tack to holiday decorations. You can also layer various reds and whites shades, and add diverse silver finishes to fill the finished look with visual appeal.

Create a Stunning Centerpiece

Mix natural details, materials, and textures for a stunning centrepiece for your Christmas table decoration. Place Christmas candles and birch bark pots  (or vases) on a tray and encircle them with pine cones and evergreen branches. Add a jovial flicker by setting red poinsettias in the pots and some gold Christmas adornments in the middle of the branches.

Make a Garland

You can embellish the mantelpiece with a charming peg garland in the Sweden Christmas theme. You only need twine, two detachable hooks, eight wooden pegs, and eight cushiony ornaments (in two styles). Here are the steps to make the garland.

  • Set the hooks in the area specified on the wall, at the distance you desire your garland to be. Take heed they are positioned at similar heights.
  • Fasten the twine to every one of these hooks. Utilizing the pegs, link your decorations in an alternate way across the garland at an interval of 10 cm.
  • Step back and appreciate your stunning new peg garland, which needs less than five minutes to be prepared.

Add Indoor Snowflake Decorations

Snowflake ornaments are the best way to embellish your home with a Sweden Christmas theme. You can decorate your ceiling with hanging snowflake ornaments to enrich the festive vibe and draw cute snowflakes on the window to exhibit your creativity since windows are a potential canvas. You can also hang paper snowflakes ornaments on walls.

Sweden Christmas Pillows

The Sweden Christmas pillow has a red and white colour pattern that is classic Sweden and gives an antique look. Sweden pillows look amazing on any stylish bed or couch, particularly during Christmas time.

Sweden always supports the “neither less nor more” rule in everything they do and wants to keep everything classic, unique and eye-catching. Creating stunning centrepieces and adding indoor flakes is one of the traditional decorations that you can do to give your interior a Sweden look.