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4 Essential Steps to Take After Water Damage to Your Home

A storm, flood, or plumbing problem can cause minor or severe water damage to your home. Basement flooding, water stains on the ceiling and walls, water-soaked furniture and carpet, musty smells, and pools of water in your home are some of the signs of water damage. When you notice such signs in your house, you should act fast and take the following steps to resolve the situation and prevent injuries and massive damage.

Ensure Safety

Safety comes first whenever your home suffers serious water damage. So regardless of the valuables in your home, you should consider your safety and that of others living with you. You should consider the safety of your pets. So you, your family, and your pets should move to a safer place. This will prevent injuries or even the loss of lives in the case of massive floods or storms. In addition, if you can get to the main power switch, you should switch off the power and disconnect all electrical appliances. This will prevent electrical problems that can damage electrical components and even injure individuals/pets in the house. After getting to safety, you should call a reliable water damage restoration Western Wayne County company to assist you.

Protect Your Valuables

water damage restoration Western Wayne County

The first step in protecting your possessions after water damage is cutting off the power supply. If the water damage is caused by a plumbing issue, you should shut off the water at the main entry point. This will prevent more water from messing up your valuables. The next important step is moving the valuables to a safer place. You can move them to rooms that are not affected by the water problem. In addition, you can lift some items like speakers, electronic devices, furniture, and other belongings off the wet carpet or flooded floor.

Notify Your Homeowner’s Insurance Provider

Before you or the water damage restoration Western Wayne County company cleans up the house, you should let your homeowner’s insurance provider know about the damage. You should call the company and inform them about the incident. They will send an agent to evaluate the losses and level of damage. Once the agent has completed taking their notes, you can start the cleaning process. But before that, you can also take photos and record videos, as you might need them when claiming water damage compensation from the insurance provider.

Let Water Damage Restoration Experts Do Their Work

After the insurance agent evaluates the level of damage and gives you the go-ahead to clean up the houses, it’s time to sit back and let the water damage restoration Western Wayne County team do their work. The team will start by removing the excess water and cleaning the premises. They will then dry and dehumidify the home. Most importantly, they will do mold remediation to stop mold growth. They will use safe and effective products to eliminate mold and the musty smell associated with its presence. The company will also fix damages caused by the water damage, leaving your home looking better than before.